Top 5 Christmas Mashups

The Christmas season is upon us!  And that means Christmas songs during our services! Some of us get excited by that idea. Others of us find it challenging to arrange a traditional carol in a modern context.

Something we love to do that helps are mashups, combining two or more songs together. So we polled the team and here are our TOP 5 Christmas Mashups:


Here For You + O Come Let Us Adore Him
King of My Heart + O Come Let Us Adore Him

The chorus to O Come All Ye Faithful is very versatile. It easily fits into the bridge of Here For You. But it also can blend into King of My Heart with tweaks to the melody.
Here’s a clip from a few years ago:


O Holy Night + Great Are You Lord

One of the greatest Christmas songs ever! The meter for this song is 6/8 so as you can imagine, other 6/8 songs can fit right in. In this instance, we worked in the bridge to Great Are You Lord after the 2nd Chorus. Here’s the chord chart for this version:



O Come All Ye Faithful + Sing To The King



Go Tell It On The Mountain + This Is Amazing Grace

This one is sooo fun! It works as a great call to worship, and musically, your team will have some fun, especially your keys player. 🙂


What A Beautiful Name + Agnus Dei

Ok, ok. It’s not Christmas, but it’s an amazing mashup and definitely exalts Jesus to the highest! 🙂

Christmas is an amazing time of year! Praying the Spirit comes in powerful ways and that many encounter Jesus afresh!


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