Sing In The Storm?

by Dianne Leman

We were just settling into bed for the night when my phone rang. It is somewhat unusual to receive a call after 10 PM but it was especially concerning when I saw it was from our youngest son who lives in Chicago. He usually has to get up between 4 and 5 o’clock in the morning, so he goes to bed early.

I answered and it was my daughter-in-law telling me-in a calm voice to not worry- but, Cory was on his way to the emergency room in an ambulance. He had been having unusual chest pains for over an hour and finally decided it was something serious enough to call 911.

This is a guy who is super healthy, eats right, and trusts God‘s healing power with strong faith. I knew it was serious if he agreed to an ambulance.

My stomach knotted immediately.

How do you combat the fear that wants to consume your entire being when you hear the news that another Kingdom collision has just occurred? How do you respond when you suddenly encounter the clash of the evil forces of the kingdom of darkness and the Kingdom of God? 

I wish I could tell you that after being a follower of Jesus for almost 50 years I calmly and automatically went to “I will sing in the middle of the storm”

No, that would have to come a bit later.

Thankfully, the Holy Spirit did immediately well up within me with His prayer–in an unknown language– that gave me His words when I didn’t know how to pray in my fear and desperation (Romans 8:26 -27). Thank God for the gift of tongues!

I wanted to just lay down and hope all was well. But, I got out of bed and headed down to the sofa where I now was fully awake. First, I reminded myself that Jesus lives in me. I  then handed my fear to Him and asked Him for His healing, peace, and Kingdom to come. I waited to sense His Presence. Not easy! But He is faithful! 

I have learned–many times– that Jesus is not only in the storm, but He is also in me. And He has been patiently teaching me how to be more at rest in the storms–those times when I experience kingdom collisions of this type. He has been reminding me of His words to trust Him–in me and in others– in the middle of a storm.  And He has been reminding me of the words of His brother James– to sing in the middle of a storm (James 1:2).

I am learning to relinquish self-effort and my temptation to show Him what a big girl I am in dealing with collisions. (Not!) My childlike trust, rest of faith and choice to rejoice are a demonstration to the evil forces all around to be gone,  because I choose to trust and worship the one true God and his name is Jesus. Lord, Your Kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. 

Thankfully, less than an hour later, Jenna called to joyfully report–Cory is fine and his heart is healthy.  God is so good! We can trust Him in the Kingdom Collisions.  


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