Story Behind The Song: Have Your Way

Recently, we released our first album, BRING YOUR KINGDOM, which is a compilation of original songs from two of our campuses, Urbana and Sullivan.  It was a great first experience and we learned a lot!  We’ll share more about this later.  For each of the songs, we want to share the “Story Behind The Song.”  You can find charts, lyrics, and audio for the album here:

Story Behind the Song: Have Your Way
Written by Daniel Goulet and Joanna Machen, Have Your Way is an identity song that comes from a longing to fully walk in the life that Jesus paid for us to have. Daniel says, “I had just come back from an amazing conference where I encountered the presence of God powerfully. I knew there was more in my relationship with Jesus and I knew that if I spent time with Him, that intimate connection would come. So I sat down to pray and worship and the words just came, ‘draw me close, draw me near, to a place where I only hear your tender voice, whispering, who I am and who I’m made to be…have Your way in me, God’

Fast forward to the first rehearsal when we were going to try the song for a worship night, I looked at Joanna and said, ‘It needs a bridge. See if you can come up with one. ‘ Joanna is a declarative singer and when the moment came where there could be a bridge she sung out, ‘You Are My Way, My Truth, and My Life, Oh, Have Your Way’ right from John 14:6! It was a powerful and divine moment and it finished the song!”

Enjoy this lyric video to Have Your Way from the album,#BringYourKingdom

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